Devil’s story, Theatre Lampion, Kladno, regie: V. Štancel, on repertoire 2015 – 2018 

Cat’s Dawn on Better Times, regie and music: Martin Hybler, eight rapsodic pictures from the life of a cat, related to the life of an artist, for solo violin and chamber group. Graphic score, experiment. Durata 12 min., 2012. Premiere: Municipal Theater Turnov, solo violin – Jana Kubánkova, Asthmatic Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor– Martin Hybler, 2016,  Audio video here

Automat Lust, Create your own Aircraft Theater Group, Regie: Anna Duchaňová, Alfréd ve dvoře, Prague 2009

Paradise Music, regie: Vincent Bouda, Prague, 2004  

Funny Game on the Bridge,text by Václav Klicpera, Academy of Performing Arts, DAMU, Acting, Prague, Theater Disk, Prague, 2002

Salt more than Gold, Academy of Performing Arts, DAMU, alternative theater, Theater Řetízek, Prague, 2002



Hanako (František Zborník – Petr Haken), Theater Studio A. Marka, Turnov, 2018 

Klozet (Katalin Thuróczy), Společnost bloumající veřejnosti, režie J. B. Marek, Turnov 2014

On Mice and Men (John Steinbeck), Společnost bloumající veřejnosti, regie R. Zemenová & J. B. Marek, Turnov 2009C

Romeo and Julie, (W. Shakespeare upr. P. Haken), Turnov Theater Studio, 2003

Fando a Lis (Fernando Arrabal), Turnov Theater Studio, 2002

Undina (H. Ch. Andersen), Turnov Theater Studio, 2000

Celestyna (Fernando Rojas), Turnov Theater Studio, 1996

From the Life of Insect (J. a K. Čapek), Turnov Theater Studio, 1995

Two Men in Check, (M. Horníček), Turnov Theater Studio, 1994

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