…piano as creative instrument and great inspirator of both composer and conductor, this is how we can define relation of martin Hybler to piano. He was nearly eleven when he was being given regular everyday lessons of piano technique by his grandfather. At Prague Conservatory and then at Academy of Performing Arts he deepened his skills in piano playing and directed his style more to free improvisation which became his special area for the future. Martin Hybler regularly gives classical concerts with violinist Jana Kubankova. As pianist he cooperates with Gerhart-Hauptmann Theater in Saxony, Germany. He is desired improviser to historical mute movies, performances, literary evenings, and other events.

Outsider Bohemian II, oil on canvas, 140×200, M. Polách

CHOSEN PROJECTS OF Martin Hybler as pianist:

Das Glück kennt nur Minuten, Ein Hildegard Knef Abend. Author and regie: Stephan Bestier. Arrangement of songs and piano: Martin Hybler. Gerhart Hauptmann Theater Görlitz – Zittau. Premiere 2018More information here Trailer

Cabaret, Musical by John Kander, Fred Ebb and Joe Masteroff. Gerhart Hauptmann Theater Görlitz – Zittau. Premiere 2017.  More information here  Trailer

Free improvisation Sample, life improvisation to slide of photos from newly published book about the Bohemia Paradise by Z. Mrkáček – Wonders of Czech Paradise, Municipal Theater Turnov, 23. 9. 2010.  Watch here

Duo with violinist Jana Kubankova

Martin Hybler in life broadcasting of the Czech Radio, Programme here

improvisation life on air

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