…composition and conducting make a synergy of creation and interpretation. History confirms us the fact that these abilities belong to each other closely, support each other creatively and complementary. Experienced composer – conductor in one person writes music not necessarily technically difficult for instruments but even more concentrates on searching for interesting sound combinations, shapes and relation between instruments. Contrary composing conductor usually has deeper insight in structure of interpreted music…

Martin Hybler conducting Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, Gong, Ostrava

Martin Hybler deals with conducting of mostly his own compositions, arrangements and choirs. Being a composer, arranger and conductor in one person he is more and more desired leader of big crossover projects with symphonic orchestras. He is able to write and arrange music exactly according to particular technical and expressive needs and abilities of every soloist or group. Martin has also led a childs choir Carmina for ten years which he performed more than hundred concerts, also project with Pilsen Philharmonic and recorded CD.


Michal Hrůza s Janáčkovou filharmonií, GONG Ostrava 6.11. 2018, KONGRESOVÉ CENTRUM Zlín 7. 11. 2018. 

Michal Hrůza in Rudolfinum, BonArt Symphony Orchestra, 5.10. 2017. Watch here 

Michal Hrůza with Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, COLOURS OF OSTRAVA, festival 2017

Michal Hrůza with Karlovy Vary Philharmonic Orchestra, Karlovy Vary, 2017

Concert for Christmas 2018, oboe player Vilém Veverka, young talented instrumentalists, chamber orchestra TOS and members of F. X. Šalda Theater. KC Turnov, 11.12. 2018

IN MEMORIAM Jan Patočka,  BERG Orchestra, conductor  M. Hybler, solo violin/viola J. Kubánková, 15. 6. 2017, Municipal Theater Turnov. Watch here

Concert for Christmas 2017, violinist Bohuslav Matoušek, young talented instrumentalists, chamber orchestra TOS and members of F. X. Šalda Theater Orchestra. KC Turnov, 7.12. 2017

Sanremo junior, BonArt Pops Orchestra, venues: 2016, 2017, 2018

Christmas Stars in Karlín, Fórum Karlín, Prague, 21.12. 2015, BonArt Pops OrchestraM. Žbirka, Chinaski, M. Ztracený, D. Koller, J. Ledecký, McCarrerty (Nazareth) etc.

Klášterec Music Streams, BonArt Symphony Orchestra, J. Svěcený, movie melodies, 6.7. 2016

Smiřice Music Festival, BonArt Orchestra, J. Svěcený, Bach, Mozart, 27.3. 2016

Violino 55, Concertto 55. birthday of Jaroslav Svěcený, 2015

Christmas Concert in Municpal House, Prague, Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra, Childs choir Carmina, Praha, 18.12. 2014

Fairy Christmas with Pilsen Philharmonic, Pilsen child choir, child choir Carmina, 16. 12. 2012, Pilsen.Watch here

Anniversary Concert of childs choir Carmina, Municipal Theater Turnov, 30. 5. 2012. Watch here

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